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(Rice bag, noodle bag, cement bag) Quick tips for unpacking

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2021/10/18 16:39
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In our daily life, we will use some woven bags such as flour bags, rice bags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, feed bags, cement bags, etc. Under normal circumstances, for this kind of closed bag, we often use a knife and sharp tool to remove it. Open, in fact, this kind of bag does not need to be cracked by brute force. With a little patience, you can easily open it.
First, observe the two ends and sides of the woven bag. You can see that there are two threads on both sides of the woven bag. The two sides of the woven bag are divided into double-threaded and single-threaded surfaces. We can observe carefully that we can find that there is a ring and a ring shape. Find the relatively complicated side, that is, the double-threaded side. Let the double-threaded side face yourself, and you can find a shorter thread. We directly pull the thread and it can be pulled all the way to the bottom, so that our bag is successfully opened.

Rice bag, noodle bag, cement bag

In our daily life, we usually encounter things packed in woven bags. If we master this solution, we can unpack the bags with bare hands even without scissors, knives and other tools!