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What is the effect of using grass-proof cloth?

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2021/10/18 16:20
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Anti-weed cloth (weeding cloth) is something that many people have not used. The grass-proof cloth (garden ground cloth) is a kind of black plastic material which is woven vertically and horizontally. It has the characteristics of preventing insects and weeds. People who have never used it are very curious and don't know how effective it is to prevent weeds.
When we use it, we can use grass-proof cloth to cover the roots of crops or trees, which can reduce the growth of weeds at the roots of the crops, and at the same time can breathe and moisturize the roots of the trees. It is helpful to protect the roots of trees from damage during transportation, and they should be laid reasonably during use to ensure that they do not affect crop growth.
It effectively prevents the direct sunlight, weeds can not perform light and function, blocking the sun, thereby reducing the growth of weeds

weed control cloth, grass control cloth

Weed control cloth is also called "weed control cloth", "grass control cloth", "garden ground cloth". Although its cost is higher than that of mulching film, it is also a more advanced and environmentally friendly way of weed control, so many people start to use weed control. The cloth is resistant to aging and not easy to step on. We can try to use it during the planting process, and use it reasonably, and you will get better results.