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A bag containing ginger

Business News
2021/09/14 17:29
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The ripening time of ginger is coming soon. The harvesting time of ginger is generally from mid and late October to November. When the aboveground plants of ginger begin to wither and yellow, and the rhizomes are fully expanded and mature, they shall be harvested. At this time, the harvested ginger has high yield, heavy spicy taste and is resistant to storage and transportation. Now many ginger farmers have begun to purchase a large number of bags, and some have planted a large number of bags. Generally speaking, the output of old ginger can produce 1000 kg ~ 2000 kg per mu (1 mu = 667 square meters), and the high-yield plot can reach 3000 kg ~ 5000 kg.

A bag containing ginger
Basically, about 10 ~ 50 woven bags are needed for one mu of land, but if there is equipment, you can purchase large container bags, such as those of 1.5T ~ 3T, but such bags may be troublesome to use. Generally, they are loaded into container bags during transportation after loading woven bags, so as to prevent ginger from falling during loading and transportation, Moreover, the air permeability of woven bags and container bags is relatively good, which will prevent ginger from problems in the long-term transportation and preservation process.
If you choose now, the price is relatively cost-effective. If the factory's capacity is basically full a few days later, the order will not be produced in time, which will directly affect the transportation of ginger.