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What's the difference between bags containing fertilizer

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2021/08/11 14:01
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What's the difference between bags containing fertilizer
Let's discuss what kind of bag can hold chemical fertilizer. First of all, we should think about what kind of material chemical fertilizer belongs to. Chemical fertilizer is either powdery or granular, and all of them are water-soluble materials. For long-term maintenance, we should consider waterproof. After all, the environment in various regions is different. Some places are humid and some places are dry, Such woven bags should take these two factors into account. Therefore, there will be an interlayer and a layer of plastic film inside the bag, so that such problems can be avoided during use. Moreover, the outside of the fertilizer woven bag should be treated accordingly, and air permeability should be added, so as to maintain the air circulation and keep the inside dry in a humid environment.

 What's the difference between bags containing fertilizer
The plastic woven bag is made of polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material, woven with polypropylene plastic strips (PP) according to the warp and weft threads, coated with polyethylene (PE) to prevent moisture inside, sewed with single fold suture or double fold suture at the cloth joints, extruded and stretched into flat filaments, and then woven, woven and made into bags. It has strong tensile force, good load-bearing, good moisture resistance, good impact resistance and easy loading and unloading, It can be applied to various packaging and transportation environments.