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National standards for container bags

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2021/08/10 17:51
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The quality of container bags is the most important. Therefore, the international market has its own strict specifications for container bag products. The emphasis points of norms are different. Japan pays attention to details, Australia pays attention to methods, and EC norms pay attention to product function and skill objectives, which are short and concise. The United States and Europe have stringent requirements for containerized bags in terms of UV resistance, anti-aging and safety factor.

 National standards for container bags
In fact, how to choose the quality of container bags. First of all, if the container bag is loaded with several times of contents and repeatedly promoted, whether there is any abnormal condition between the contents and the bag body, and whether the joint is damaged. In similar specifications at home and abroad, the setting of safety coefficient is generally 5-6 times. The container bag product with five times safety coefficient can be safely used for a longer time. If anti ultraviolet additives are added, the use of container bags is more limited and more competitive, which is an indisputable reality.
Especially when the sling is connected with the container bag, there are many ways, such as top lifting, bottom lifting, side lifting and so on, which are connected through the suture, so the suture is also very important. Only with the high strength of the sling, the base cloth and suture can not reach the necessary strength, nor can they ensure the high function of the container bag.
Containerized bags mainly contain massive, granular or powdery items, and the physical density and relaxation level of the contents also have distinct differences on the overall consequences. When purchasing, it should be customized according to the specific needs of customers. After all, different materials have their own needs for different bags.