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How to judge the quality when buying container bags

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2021/08/10 17:50
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Many enterprises will choose containerized bags for the transportation of goods. Compared with other rigid packaging, containerized bags are more economical and strong. Containerized bags also have a relatively large export volume, and they can customize containerized bags of different sizes according to their own needs to achieve rational utilization, so they are widely used now. When we buy, we can judge from the color and feel. The container bags produced from pure materials often have transparent light, and the feel is smoother without burrs. Moreover, the proportion of pure material container bag will not be very large, because pure material products can be pulled for a long time in the production process. If cored container bags are used, the specific gravity will be much larger than this value, which is also due to the addition of miscellaneous materials. We'd better choose the container bags made of pure materials with better performance.

How to judge the quality when buying container bags
Now the use of container bags has higher requirements for automation, which can save cost, time and labor, and facilitate transportation and product storage. Therefore, its quality requirements are more strict.
The structural requirements of the container bag are that the waist hoop must be sewn outside the sling to enhance the bearing strength of the sling, and the strength of the waist hoop shall be more than twice the strength of the base cloth.