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How to deal with waste net bags

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2021/08/04 19:44
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Plastic mesh bags are very convenient for storing vegetables and fruits. Originally, these seasonal vegetables need bags with very good air permeability. Moreover, customers can observe whether the vegetables are in good or bad condition without opening the bags when buying, and they can be recycled, but they are convenient, How to deal with plastic net bags that have not been used for a long time is really a headache. If they are thrown around, it will have a great impact on the environment.

How to deal with waste net bags
Plastic net bags are generally made of PE or PP raw materials. Plastic net bags are widely used in the packaging of agricultural products, precision instruments and vegetables and fruits. For the recycling of waste plastic net bags, the waste PE net bags and PP net bags should be classified first. In this way, the recycled plastic recycling company classifies the recycled waste again, thus reducing the cost of the enterprise. Secondly, store the classified waste plastic mesh bags in a ventilated and dry place. Of course, if you classify the waste plastic net bags, the price you sell to the recycled plastic recycling company will naturally be higher. The classification of waste plastic net bags is altruistic, selfish and more conducive to the environment we live in. Why don't we do it?