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How to improve the toughness of woven bags

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2021/07/29 16:01
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How to improve the toughness of woven bags. It is well known that woven bags are the most common packaging bags in our lives and play an important role in flood fighting and disaster relief. How to choose suitable materials in the production process to make the woven bags more tough Okay? In the later stage of use, only bags with good toughness can be used for a longer time. Therefore, the toughness is also the standard for judging the quality of the bag. However, for the manufacturer, how to choose to improve the toughness of the bag?

pp woven bags
1. Woven bag manufacturers-pay attention to the cooling and forming of the membrane. According to experience, the strength of the flat wire can be improved, so as to deal with the problem of broken wires, and the toughness of the entire plastic woven bag has been enhanced.
2. Woven bag manufacturers-you can pay attention to the ratio of raw materials, including the addition of masterbatch, and at the same time the addition of masterbatch supplements, the tensile strength of the flat yarn will gradually decrease. It can be said that you must pay attention to the added amount of masterbatch .
It's not that the more raw materials the better when making woven bags, but a moderate amount is the best method.