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How can sandbags be placed to have flood fighting effect

Zhensheng News
2021/07/26 16:55
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Don't sandbags just pile up? Of course not. In fact, placing sandbags can be a technical job. It is estimated that few people will admit it. In fact, it is really difficult for ordinary people to scientifically use sandbags for flood control. If sandbags are placed disorderly, it will only cause more serious consequences, but placing them in a reasonable way will not only save manpower and material resources, but also improve the efficiency. There are friends of the rescue team around. They say that in order to achieve the fastest rescue effect, we must regularly carry out sandbag stacking training, and each sandbag does not mean that the more it is loaded, the better. On the contrary, moderate guess is the most qualified.
In addition, it is also particular when placing each sandbag. Generally, there are two ways: herringbone and brick wall. The brick wall shape is the following stacking method. The sandbags on the second floor should be placed between the two sandbags on the first floor, so as to effectively block water. Herringbone is to overlap each sandbag with the adjacent sandbags in order. If the first layer is folded from the right, the second layer is folded back from the left.
And I don't know if you have noticed that each sandbag is half filled, and the mouth of the woven bag will not be tied.

Flood resistant sandbag
1. The sandbag mouth may not be tied. Before stacking, the bag mouth can be folded down and pressed under the sand bag. The bag mouth faces the direction of water flow to avoid the sand bag being washed away. 2. Every time a sandbag is placed, step on it with your foot to make the soft sand more compact and waterproof. 4、 Is there sand in the flood control sandbag? After that, let's talk about filling. Sandbag in English corresponds to a very straightforward word "sandbag". In terms of name, sand is undoubtedly in "C" among all the fillings.