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Importance of sand bags in flood resistance

Zhensheng News
2021/07/26 16:53
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In recent days, we are concerned about the rainstorm in Henan Province. Whether it is material or manpower, they arrive at the scene for the first time. This time, special online rescue methods have emerged. Through simple forms, we keep spreading and recording the location and situation of each victim and rescue team on the Internet. It is difficult for the so-called party to support the situation from all sides, And many domestic enterprises such as hongxingerke have extended their help to support our parents and old villagers. Here, I like the Chinese.

Flood resistant sandbag
The rain slowly recedes, but many places have been washed down. In order to protect the villages and other areas below will not be threatened by flood, only sand and soil or other items can be filled. At this time, woven bags can play a crucial role. So the problem is, what principle is used to seal it. Sand bags are mainly stacked layer by layer (sometimes several rows of bases are needed according to the severity of flood conditions) to resist the impact of water. First, after the flood rushes into the sand bag, water will penetrate into the sand void, but under the action of complex factors such as surface tension of water, the sand and water will be temporarily integrated, and the whole sandbag will become very heavy and can withstand the huge pressure of flood. Secondly, when water enters the sand void, it is also under the action of complex factors such as surface tension, the sand will become "hard" as a whole, but it will become sticky and soft enough. Such wet sand can pile out "Castle", but also can make each sandbags shape the shape they need, nest each other, leave no gaps, and prevent flood from entering into the sand bag gap.