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What is the standard of cement bag

Zhensheng News
2021/07/20 11:57
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Previously, we talked about the update iteration of cement bags. We chose to use container bags to pack cement. This can not only protect the environment, but also give consideration to the recycling of cement bags, so as to save the cost of packaging. In addition, we also mentioned in the last article that we can save a lot of manpower, which can also ensure the safety of the construction site.
Let's talk about the standard of cement bags. Most of the information can be found on the Internet, but the information is perfect step by step. I'll sort it out for you. Most of the content below comes from the Internet.
Cement packing bag

What is the standard of cement bag
1 Scope
This standard specifies the classification, bag making materials, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation, storage and use of cement packaging bags.
This standard is applicable to all kinds of cement packaging bags with loading weight less than 50kg.
2 normative references
The clauses in the following documents become the clauses of this standard by reference. For dated references, all subsequent amendments (excluding corrigenda) or revisions are not applicable to this standard. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study whether the latest version of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest version is applicable to this standard.
GB 175 general Portland cement
GB / T 7968 bag paper
GB / T 8947 composite plastic woven bag
GB / T 17671-1999 test method for strength of cement mortar (ISO method) (IDT ISO 679:1989)
QB / T 1460 stretch bag paper
3 classification, specification and basic size, code, naming and layout printing
3.1 classification
3.1.1 cement packaging bags are divided into paper bags, laminated plastic woven bags and composite bags according to bag making materials.
3.1.2 according to the bag making process, cement packaging bags can be divided into paste bottom bags and seam bottom bags, in which paper bags are paste bottom bags, compound plastic woven bags and composite bags can be divided into paste bottom bags and seam bottom bags. According to the bottom pasting process, the bottom pasting bag is divided into bonding and heat sealing. the two sides of the paste bottom bag body are flat edges, and the two bottoms are bonded into a plane hexagon. A valve port is set at one corner of the upper bottom, and the typical bag shape is shown in Fig