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Cement can also be packed and transported in container bags

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2021/07/19 14:48
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Everyone in charge knows that cement bags are basically woven bags, and this kind of woven bags can't be recycled. For a long time, the cost has been rising, and it has a great impact on environmental protection. You can buy them once, and most of them are disposable. The former bags can't be recycled. But now for the consideration of environment and recycling, cement container bag began to enter people's field of vision, whether in the mode of transportation or packaging, there are great changes.
In the past, cement woven bags were disposable, and the packaging capacity of one bag was limited, so employees spent a lot of time in unpacking. Moreover, considering the number of personnel, the number of employees used is also very large, and it is not very convenient to handle when packing, which leads to many problems in the transportation process of cement woven bags, which leads to great losses, and the waste of packaging is also a waste of cost.

Cement can also be packed and transported in container bags
A container bag can be worth several woven bags, and can be recycled. Waterproof and moisture-proof are also the characteristics of container bags, which can well protect the cement from loss in the process of transportation, and only need to use forklift to transport when loading and unloading, saving manpower and improving efficiency.