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How to keep container bags for a long time

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2021/07/09 22:12
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Nowadays, with people's awareness of environmental protection, many packaging products are recycled after purchase. For example, our common woven bags and other packaging products are rarely lost once they are used up, except for disposable items. Many customers in our family will consider long-term use when purchasing container bags, Although our container bag products belong to the recycling products, we must keep them properly to use them for a longer time. The following is how to keep the container bag for a longer time.
1. Before you buy container bags, you must tell the customers where you will use them and what goods to hold. Some areas need high temperature resistant or waterproof bags, and you should choose bags of different materials according to your own goods. Some goods need thicker and more durable bags, so as to prevent the goods from puncturing the bags when loading.

How to keep container bags for a long time
2. When storing bags, you must avoid direct sunlight. Although many materials are sunscreen materials now, they can't stand long-term exposure, and problems will occur after a long time. In this way, when loading goods, the durability of bags is easily reduced due to long-term exposure.
3. It can't be put in a dark and humid place. Although the plastic is waterproof, it will cause problems after a long time. When loading goods, a large number of water molecules will be produced, which will easily lead to the moisture of goods.
Try to avoid the three points mentioned above. Basically, there is no problem with preserving the container bags. They can be used for a long time. However, before each use, we must check whether the bags have quality problems. If there are problems, we must not continue to use them.