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What are the skills when using straw cloth

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2021/06/28 13:11
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Before we mentioned in the article and the choice of grass cloth and material is different, according to their own situation to choose different grass cloth, let's say how to use the grass cloth can play a biggest role, as will often find proof within the orchard grass cloth, but due to the orchard is not flat but uneven terrain, but can be separated from bedding, Single plant mulch, whole row mulch and side to side mulch.
If the terrain is uneven, you can shoot the tree to cover it according to the size of the fruit tree, and you can cut it into a suitable size and cover it at the root of the fruit tree.

What are the skills when using straw cloth
Split if the ground can use the side cover and open the way to conduct a comprehensive coverage, the two ways of covering area belongs to one of the largest, and the effect aspect is the best, if it's just finished planting saplings can adopt the way of open the cover, can first cladding a complete grass cloth, in planting location to open a small mouth. After laying, do not use soil to fix and compaction, soil filling and pressing on the anti-grass cloth for a long time is easy to grow grass; The use of nail fixed, an interval of 1 meters or so to play a nail.