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What is the main function of anti-hay cloth

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2021/06/28 13:08
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In the last article, we mentioned that the anti-grass cloth material is divided into two kinds. Different materials of the grass cloth are used for different situations. It sounds that the recycled material is not a good material, but the recycled material of the grass cloth can play a very big role in the one-time use. Now let's talk about the main role of weed proof cloth and why it can play this role.

What is the main function of anti-hay cloth
Prevent grass cloth color is given priority to with black, and material will add the response of double resistance masterbatch, that would allow the grass cloth has a certain function of abrasion resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, but also can prevent mildew, and lay the grass cloth in crops, can very good to prevent the growth of weeds, so there is no need to in the use of herbicides or artificial weeding, The anti-grass cloth material itself will not cause pollution to plants. For outdoor floor cloth, its strength can also prevent the invasion of insects and small and medium-sized animals. Under normal use, the service life is 3~5 years.
And prevent the water permeability of grass cloth was good, completely don't have to worry about water above cannot penetrate into the soil, and high permeability, can prevent mildew in the grass cloth below or plant roots rotting, PE material completely prevent grass cloth can be used in greenhouses, or a potted seedling planting, don't have to worry about weed problems, also can ensure beautiful degree is high.