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How to choose different materials of anti-straw cloth

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2021/06/28 13:05
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We have said before about the grass cloth, why go to the grass cloth, and the purpose of grass cloth and so on, the grass today and you talk about what material is made of cloth material, so everyone in the choice above can more accurately, according to our introduction and own situation to choose suitable grass cloth.
At present, the material of anti-straw cloth is PP material and PE material, and then according to different materials with different processes for preparation, made of finished products. Here is the difference between the two materials of grass cloth.
PE material is a brand new material. Pp is reworked material, however, literally must be grass cloth to better prevention of PE material, but if considering the use of the length of time, depends on the material in the added inhibitor, if PE material without adding anti-aging agent, then PE material anti grass cloth to much shorter service life, long time exposure can't guarantee the quality problem.

How to choose different materials of anti-straw cloth
In terms of price, because most PE materials have added special anti-oxidation factors that can greatly improve the service life, so the market price of PE is much higher than that of PP. And the service life is also much higher, can be used at home, the good cycle of preservation for a period of time is no problem.
PP material anti-grass cloth to add anti-oxygen anti-purple special factor, in addition to the use of materials is recycled material, so it is very convenient to use in one-time engineering, and the price will be more cost-effective.
The service life is 3~5 years under normal use. The anti-grass cloth can effectively inhibit the growth of all kinds of weeds, and has good permeability, can prevent the formation of puddles on the surface of the cloth, so as to keep the ground clean, suitable for walking.