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Selection of rice packaging bag

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2021/06/22 13:09
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We talked about the problem of rice packaging bag before. When there was no woven bag before, most people used gunny bags to package rice. Moreover, this kind of gunny bags can achieve good air permeability, and the cost of packaging and transportation is not very high. This kind of packaging can transport more rice and prevent the rice from spilling. But this kind of packaging because of the permeability is too big, and can't play the role of waterproof, too long time or storage position is a little wet, etc. will affect the storage of rice, and will also lead to rice mildew..

Selection of rice packaging bag
Now, in order to prevent problems in the storage of rice, woven bags are used for packaging. When you go to the supermarket to buy rice, there are woven bags and vacuum packaged rice. However, the previous article mentioned that the cost of vacuum packaging is much higher than that of ordinary packaging, although the cost of vacuum packaging is very high, But this kind of packaging rice can be stored for a long time without deterioration, but this kind of packaging should pay attention to protection, try to keep, do not let the packaging bag damage, can be stored for a long time.