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Have you heard of organic tarpaulin?

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2021/06/21 09:12
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When it comes to "organic", what can you think of in your mind? Organic vegetables, organic fruits, or organic rice and so on, and food related to our eating, in fact, organic will also be used in many places, such as biodegradable plastics, which is our most common goods. After all, although plastic bags are very easy to use, it will take hundreds of years for them to be completely degraded by nature, And often hear animals because of eating plastic bags and dangerous situation.
Today we are talking about organosilicon cloth. The tarpaulin made of this material can be recycled for a long time as long as it is not weathered due to too long use time. Moreover, the tarpaulin made of this material has a great advantage. If it is damaged, it can be directly repaired with needle and thread. Unlike the tarpaulin made of other materials, there is no way to crack.

 Have you heard of organic tarpaulin
Another thing that can make the tarpaulin of this material be used for a long time is the military tent. The tarpaulin of this material is light in weight, waterproof and not moldy. It is also waterproof and has good air permeability. With a few points, I believe many people will think how suitable it is to use the tarpaulin, whether it is a military tent or a temporary tent, Or most of the tarpaulins used in freight transportation will be made of this material.