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How to choose different materials of tarpaulin

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2021/06/21 09:10
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We have mentioned a lot of tarpaulin materials before. After all, in terms of materials, we can't just hear that there is a word "cloth" in the items, which is made of textile. There are also tarpaulins made of nylon and PVC. Just like tarpaulins made of nylon, they can be subdivided into many kinds. The tarpaulins used in different scenes are different, Just like fireproof tarpaulin is really easy to use, but compared with ordinary tarpaulin, the cost is much higher. For example, we just use tarpaulin to cover the newly collected grain. Isn't it a waste to use fireproof tarpaulin? If ordinary tarpaulin can be used enough, we can't use fireproof tarpaulin and have our own demand to purchase

How to choose different materials of tarpaulin
Let's talk about how to use other kinds of tarpaulin. If you want to cover things with a small area and don't need fire protection, you can buy PVC or nylon tarpaulin. This kind of tarpaulin has a small area and can be used, You don't have to cut it after you buy it.
In another case, the shelter area is very large, but it's not very important. It's just to prevent rain erosion. As mentioned above, it's used to cover grain for food. Just use the common blue and white tarpaulin.