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Why is rice packed in woven bags

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2021/06/16 15:10
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When we buy rice to cook at home, do we often complain about the sealing rope at the opening of the bag? It is difficult to solve and not open, and it is also difficult to cut. Every time we buy new rice, we can only use scissors to cut a small opening at the suture of the bag, and then export the rice. So why not use vacuum packaging instead of this complex woven bag packaging? It actually goes back to the ancient times, and the way we do it is the ancient way, but it's been automated.
Actually is not can't use vacuum packing, there are a lot of time to pick up and vacuum packaging of rice, however, that the price of rice is far beyond the daily consumption of rice, the price of the same rice, if you want a more reasonable price can use woven bag packing, like the ancient via sacks of rice, are in order to keep the permeability of rice, Moistureproof, but also insect resistance. White on rice at the time of shipping weight can achieve jins a package, but want to put this kind of packing sealing pad is enough strong, ordinary the rope is not sleepy, usually because of the sealing bag of rice is not strong in rice, at this time our ancestors came up with a way to, is like the clothes, the mouth sewn up with lines, The forces between the lines will then interact and will only get tighter as they are used, unless a sharp object is used to cut the lines apart. This tradition has continued to this day.

Why is rice packed in woven bags
Now we'll why rarely with the method of vacuum to seal the rice, the vacuum seal will need to use plastic bags, and in the time even when adding a certain amount of nitrogen processing, this is undoubtedly increase the cost of the packing and shipping, basically will only be used in high-end rice above, the average consumer is seldom consider buying, However, the woven bag can be used in the above method to transport greatly saves the cost of transport packaging, and the air permeability is also very good.