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Nylon, one of the materials of tarpaulin

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2021/06/15 13:44
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In the previous article, we explained what the main materials of T-Bag are. Here is nylon material in the main tarpaulin materials of tarpaulin. Nylon is also very common in our life. Like the ropes we use, many of them are nylon, and nylon material is also our all-made fiber material, Moreover, the explanation and durability are very high. The raw materials of this material are also essential for us, such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. At this time, we need to synthesize two raw materials, diamine and adipic acid. The two materials are operated in a certain proportion and process to synthesize nylon materials such as tarpaulin and nylon rope.

Nylon is one of the materials of tarpaulin
In fact, nylon also has its own number, like nylon 6 nylon 66 and new nylon 61, and so on. Many numbers do not explain one by one, different number bearing capacity is different, the price is also different, even different numbers are used in many different places.
The reason why some tarpaulins should be made of nylon is good at its essential high temperature, friction resistance, sound elimination, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvent. It has good electrical insulation, self extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance and poor dyeing performance. Of course, the disadvantages are obvious, that is, the water absorption is very poor, and this is also the advantage of tarpaulin. As it is in the busy season, wheat is also beginning to harvest. In rainy and cloudy days, the wheat can be covered with tarpaulin to prevent rain erosion. When the machinery and equipment parked for a long time are used up, they will be covered with tarpaulin, It can protect the sun from being exposed to the sun.