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Ton bag selection

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2021/06/11 11:52
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China Shandong Yantai Zhensheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd., the main products are: ton bags, mesh bags, woven bags, sling, cloth rolls, cable pipe cooperation factory,

We are a real manufacturer, industry and trade integrated gold certification merchants, and also operate Alibaba international website, made in China website, official website and social enterprise accounts outside the site;

Skip all middlemen links, profits directly to you, high-quality production staff, sophisticated production equipment, highly rigorous production process, the production of detailed steps of the product requirements


Teach you the selection method of tons of bags generally observe container bags, first of all, you can respectively from the color and feel,

Pure materials produced by the container bag often have transparent light, in the feel is also more smooth, no burr feeling.

But this method is not good for ordinary consumers to master, there is no standard, the proportion of woven bags refers to the length of each meter bundling rope,

The unit is g/m. Take the pure material strapping rope for example, the proportion of the strapping rope is 3.5g/m. The proportion of the pure material strapping rope will not be very large, because the pure material products can be pulled very long in the production process.Ton bag selection

If the use of core strapping rope proportion will be much larger than this value, this is also due to the addition of miscellaneous materials.

Only a good container bag can fully show the advantages of the bag, otherwise all of its performance characteristics will disappear with poor quality