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PVC tarpaulin

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2021/06/09 17:08
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There are a lot of practical materials for tarpaulin, some of which are PVC and some of which are PE. The specific materials used generally depend on the customers. After all, many manufacturers buy tarpaulin according to their own needs, and rarely take the initiative to produce fixed products. Of course, if it's car tarpaulin or some equipment tarpaulin will be made according to the size of these equipment, At that time, if you need it, just buy it.
If you need to buy Automobile tarpaulin, it is recommended to choose according to your own needs. The structure of different types of automobile tarpaulin depends on the tarpaulin material. Different materials of tarpaulin can be divided into PE tarpaulin and PVC tarpaulin. Their tarpaulin structure, tarpaulin structure and tarpaulin material are also different.
Let's take the common PE tarpaulin as an example. PE tarpaulin is basically our common blue and white tarpaulin. The price of this kind of tarpaulin is relatively cheaper, and it is also widely used. PE tarpaulin is made of PE raw materials drawn by equipment, and then woven by warp and weft. When customers need different colors of PE tarpaulin, PE car tarpaulin material is light and waterproof. However, the biggest drawback of this material's tarpaulin is that it does not resist aging and becomes brittle after a long time.

PVC tarpaulin
PVC tarpaulin is generally higher than PE tarpaulin. Similarly, the price will be much higher. The thickness and weight of PVC tarpaulin depend on the yarn size, weaving density and coating times of the base cloth. The thicker it is, the better the wear resistance is, but the heavier it will be. Because it is a coating production process, so PVC tarpaulin is also called PVC coated cloth, and according to the needs of customers with different color coating raw materials can produce a variety of tarpaulin.
Of course, the specific use of tarpaulin materials depends on their own needs, not necessarily PVC materials. If PE materials are enough, then PE materials should be used.