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Main functions of fire retardant cloth

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2021/06/04 11:52
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Today, I'd like to talk about another kind of tarpaulin - fireproof cloth. I think many people know the importance of this kind of cloth. If we can cut off the supply directly from the source, then things behind will be much easier, and it can reduce a lot of economic losses and casualties. Especially in places like warehouses, some goods are often stored, Most of the external packaging of goods are inflammables, or some products will produce static electricity in the process of transportation. Once they touch inflammables, they will be burning in a flash.
Wear resistant tarpaulin fireproof cloth is also known as flame retardant fireproof cloth. When people encounter fire accidents, spark discharge and other injuries, flame retardant fireproof cloth can resist a lot of external damage, especially in the work of employees, sometimes they will carry out practical operation close to the open fire. At this moment, flame retardant fireproof cloth seems to be very important, It can maintain the personal safety of employees in the case of injury.

Main functions of fire retardant cloth
When there is a fire, many people have problems not because they are burned, but because they are unable to breathe due to the gas generated. At this time, the flame retardant and fireproof cloth can play a very good role, and use its own advantages to help everyone fight for enough time in the fire and expand the probability of survival. And flame retardant fabric is a new type of environmental protection material, which ignites slowly at first sight, so harmful vapor is not easy to appear in the ignition, so as to prevent the body from absorbing.

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