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How is tarpaulin produced

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2021/06/01 13:20
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The strength of tarpaulin is very high, and a layer of tarpaulin will be covered on the tarpaulin when transporting the ton bags, so that the ton bags and the goods inside will not be affected. Many people are curious about how the tarpaulin is made. Compared with the container bags and other packaging bags, the production process is more complicated, After all, as long as the container bags have stable technology and materials, they can make qualified container bags, but the tarpaulin is also like this.

the tarpaulin is also like this
First, when taking and opening cloth, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are seams, peeling, damage, holes, sparse weft, skipping and so on. If there are any, it is necessary to cut and splice.
Second, cutting. If there is no problem after the fabric inspection, you need to measure the cloth with a ruler. Before cutting, you need to align the cloth. The size should be accurate according to the requirements, and each piece should be marked with a clear specification. What's more, you need to pay attention to is that before each cutting, you need to find out the original head and connect it. According to the requirements of the order, only one head can be left for each color and specification, Once there are no orders, quickly organize the workshop, and classify, splice and neatly classify the remaining leaders.
Third, for stitching technology: quality requirements, send cloth, pull cloth, put the gun head, pull the gun head should be in place, need to drop water, and the temperature should be adjusted moderately, if it is too high, it needs to be down, if it is too low, it needs to be up, burning holes should be cut straight, re stitching, not sticking to re stitching, in short, let it qualified.
Fourth, for the technical requirements of running rope, it is generally the same as Article 3 above. The edge seam should be firm and firm, without holes, and the important thing is not to take off the rope.
Fifth, ring: for the order without special requirements, PE tarpaulin 1.5 meters 1, pvc1 meters 1, ring to use hard pressure buckle, require solid solid, can not easily fall off.
Sixth, cloth folding: after the ring is finished, the cloth folding has a standard shape, and the length is less than 10 meters and 40 cm × 70cm, 50m to 20m × 80cm, 60m to 30m × 90cm。 Pay attention not to the length of the long short, outward color should be consistent, not one in, one out, and bagging should be based on the actual size of plastic bags, can not be bagged tarpaulin, in the labeling, also pay attention to write the model and specification.