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How to choose the right tarpaulin?

Zhensheng News
2021/06/01 13:18
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The choice of tarpaulin is very important, different tarpaulin has different use, weight, color, grade, size and so on are not the same, and only choose the right tarpaulin can play the greatest role.
When choosing tarpaulin, weight is a good indicator of energy for a product. However, when choosing two products, we can't just choose the weight, but we lack consideration for the brand. Some manufacturers add some recycled materials to the tarpaulin materials in order to increase the weight of tarpaulin and reduce the cost, which feels very heavy, However, the durability is too poor. On the contrary, it will not play the role of waterproof and sunscreen for a long time. On the contrary, its quality will be greatly reduced due to long-term exposure to the sun, and its impact on the goods is well-known.

When choosing tarpaulin
Also pay attention to whether the tarpaulin is UV resistant (UV treatment). If it is not UV resistant, the tarpaulin may degrade after several months of continuous exposure to the sun. Flame retardant (FR) tarpaulin should be purchased if it is to be used on construction sites or near fire sources. However, flame retardant tarpaulin is not fireproof. If it is continuously exposed to the flame, it will melt, but it will not provide fuel for the flame and promote combustion. When the fire source is removed, the flame retardant tarpaulin will stop burning, while the non flame retardant tarpaulin may continue to burn after the fire source is removed.