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Tarpaulin is essential for transportation

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2021/05/31 14:05
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When customers use bulk bags to transport such large cargo packaging bags, they will cover the car with a rain-proof tarp, so as to ensure that the goods will not deteriorate due to rain during the transportation, and before We have said that the container bags should be used for a longer period of time to avoid sun exposure. However, not all container bags filled with goods will be transported in containers. There are many goods that need to be used by ships and ships. Trucks can be transported to the site. Such goods need to be covered with tarpaulins during transportation, so as to avoid sun exposure and rain erosion, and reduce the loss of goods.

Tarpaulin is essential for transportation
This is only one of the purposes of the tarp, and because of the material of the tarp, the tarp can still maintain its original state under the sun exposure, and the waterproof design of the tarp is similar to that of the lotus leaf, although such a tarp cannot It is like a lotus leaf that completely isolates water, but it can completely block rain erosion. As long as the binding is reasonable, it can prevent water droplets from falling into the container bag, including into the cargo. In fact, this kind of tarpaulin industry is collectively referred to as cover canvas. Of course, there are other aliases. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to us, and you can consult our sales staff.