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Why inner liner should be designed for container bags

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2021/05/27 14:36
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We should all notice that many container bags are lined, such as chemical products or electronic products that need electrostatic protection, etc., which can better protect the products and reduce external interference as much as possible. Container lining bag is also known as container dry bag, container dry cargo bag, container dry powder bag, container bulk packaging. It can usually carry liquid solid bulk granular and powder products with large tonnage.
There are three kinds of materials for the production of container lining bag, PE film, PP / PE film and woven cloth. Among them, PE film / PE woven cloth is mainly used for products with strict moisture resistance requirements.

designed for container bags
The structure of the container liner bag is designed according to the loading and unloading equipment used by the customer. According to the loading and unloading mode of the customer, it can be equipped with loading and unloading port, zipper port and so on. In the design, it can be designed and manufactured according to the loading and unloading mode, such as conveyor belt loading, skip loading, blower loading, throwing loading, tilting loading and so on.
Compared with the traditional woven bags and ton bags, the liner bags have the advantages of large unit capacity, easy loading and unloading, low labor force and no secondary pollution.