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The strength of the container bag needs to go through strict requirements

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2021/05/26 16:49
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Container bags are not the same as the bags we see in daily life. Container bags can hold more things, and they will have more advantages in durability. Their load-bearing capacity is much better than ordinary bags. In fact, in addition to the material of container bags, the sewing process of container bags is particularly important, unlike ordinary bags, which can be solved by heat sealing, But through a variety of processes, the production process of container bags mentioned in our previous article.
Our container bags, whether sewing standards or material standards, are strictly in accordance with GB / t8946 and GB / t8947 national standards for composite plastics. Only in this way can we cooperate with our strict quality inspection to ensure that each container bag will not have problems in the process of use, which is also our responsibility to our customers.

The strength of the container bag needs to go through strict requirements
In fact, the common needles and threads have a great influence on the strength of stitching, and then we talk about the old sewing process. Different bags have different sewing processes and stitches, such as needle pitch, stitch, the size of hemmed or folded stitches to the edge of the bag, hot and cold cutting methods, etc.
After the production of our container bags, we need to carry out quality testing. The tensile strength of the main body should be more than 67%, and the bottom should be more than 42%. Only in this way can we cope with more materials and ensure that there will be no problems when storing more materials. For the upper sealing of the socket cement bag, we advocate that it should be treated as the bottom seam strength, Usually, the goal can not be achieved, so it is suggested to change to paste bottom bag. As for the cold cut bag with lamination, it is suggested to use curling treatment, because the suture at the edge of cold cut may tear out from the warp and weft. For the woven bag without strength requirement, the upper edge of the bag can be locked for one week, the needle distance can be dense, and the thread can be thin.