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On the aging of container bags

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2021/05/25 19:29
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We have said a lot about the aging of container bags before, and many new customers often ask us how to solve these problems. In fact, when we buy, our business personnel will tell customers how to maintain them for a long time. In fact, if a ton bag is used normally, our product can be used many times, However, when purchasing, our business personnel will also ask what materials are used for packing and where they are used. After all, the container bags used for different materials can't be confused. For example, the bags for ordinary materials can't be used for packing chemical materials. After all, chemical materials are corrosive, Ordinary container bags don't seem to be sexual materials, which will greatly reduce the service life. We don't recommend to use them in this way. If they are mixed in this way, there will be a certain probability of material leakage and environmental pollution.

On the aging of container bags
In addition, when the cement is packed in plastic container bags and exposed to direct sunlight in the open air, the strength of the cement decreases rapidly; In the process of storage and transportation, too high temperature (container transportation) or rain will also lead to the decrease of its strength, which can not meet the quality requirements of the protection of the contents. Therefore, the transportation and storage conditions of plastic container bags are very important. Therefore, both GB / t8946 and GB / t8947 clearly stipulate the storage and transportation conditions, that is, the plastic container bags should be stored in a cool and clean room. During transportation, the sun and rain should be avoided and should not be close to the heat source. The storage period should not exceed 18 months. In fact, the plastic container bags may be aged within 18 months, so the validity period of plastic container bags should be shortened, and 12 months should be the best.