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Where the bags are consumed in production are here

Zhensheng News
2021/05/25 19:26
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The packing bags we often see in our life are very simple, and they feel like they are made of ropes. In fact, they are made of polypropylene materials. The production process of 0 sets of bags is divided into raw and auxiliary materials, drawing, weaving, film, cutting, printing, sewing, inspection, packing, warehousing, and these steps come from, Each step is key. If a problem occurs in a link, the quality of the whole will be affected. Zhensheng plastic in the mind of responsibility to customers, will ensure that every process will be strict requirements, ensure that every product to the customer is delivered to the quality and quantity.
In fact, cutting this process is more important in these processes. After all, cutting ton bags is the most consumed, and there are more materials consumption than other processes. After all, this is not a single consumables. If we say about the material mouth of the container bag, the waste in material will be more, and if it is not done well, Then it will also affect the size of the material mouth, and will affect the whole. The longer the material mouth is made, once there is a problem, it will lead to more waste. Therefore, this piece seems simple, but it will affect the overall budget.

ton bags
The purpose of the spacer bag is to prevent the bag from swelling around the bag after loading the goods, which will affect the transportation, storage and save the site. There are many holes on each partition for the flow of the material smoothly. The size and quantity of the holes dug are the places with the heavy consumption; 4.4 the consumption of the cylinder bag is also large. Not only the inlet and outlet shall dig holes in the bag cover and the bottom of the bag, but also cut the cover and bottom into a circle, so that the unit consumption will be greater