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The general bearing capacity of ton bags

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2021/05/24 16:20
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The general bearing capacity of ton bags and container bags is about 1.5 tons. Of course, some industries need large ton bags, which need to be customized separately. Yantai ton bag manufacturers often receive orders for large ton bags, which need our manufacturers to make bags of 2 to 3 tons. This requires the screening of various raw materials and the selection of suitable materials, especially in the sewing of base cloth, When the sling is used, the sewing should be strengthened so that it will not break during use.
For ordinary sewing, double fold sewing is enough. For enhanced sewing, double fold sewing, turn sewing twice and hemming. So that the container bags will not be scattered due to weak sewing. The inside of the bag body can also adopt the form of diagonal brace to strengthen the firmness of the container bag. Sometimes the container bag should contain powder, such as mineral powder, medicine powder, flour, etc.

ton bag
Yantai Zhensheng plastic products Co., Ltd. began to produce ton bags, container bags and other packaging products in 1998. We have some experience in various types of container bags, and many customers are based on long-term cooperation. We are also constantly innovative design, so that packaging bags become more lightweight, and again at the same time will not affect the quality of packaging bags. This is also the product lightweight that we often mentioned. In terms of material, polypropylene environmental protection material has been used to ensure that the product will not affect the environment.