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Continuous lightweight of packaging products

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2021/05/20 15:47
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Today's products are constantly shrinking, but their performance will not be reduced because of the reduction of volume. This is what we often say now, lightweight, constantly saving space. Of course, the packaging is also constantly lightweight, so as to reduce more transportation costs, and the durability will not be reduced because of the lightweight of ton bags. Moreover, not only ton bags, container bags and woven bags are moving towards lightweight, which will also face a great test, because it is difficult to further improve the material to a certain extent, which requires the continuous innovation of manufacturers. Only in this way can the products be continuously lightweight.

container bags and woven bags are moving towards
In recent years, the packaging market momentum is strong, showing a significantly higher than the traditional packaging materials, such as paper packaging, cardboard, aluminum foil market growth trend. At the same time, packaging film is thinner and more functional, which promotes the growth of this market at a higher speed. In such a high-speed development of the market, so as to speed up technological innovation, promote the emergence of new products.
Functional packaging is one of the most promising application fields in the development of new technology. High barrier, high temperature cooking, low temperature freezing, active packaging, heat shrinkable film, baking and antibacterial plastic packaging film has become a hot spot in the market. Especially in the barrier aspect, the continuous innovation of packaging bag products appeared.