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How to solve the discoloration of ton bag

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2021/05/20 15:45
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The production of ton bags has brought greater convenience to our product transportation. However, the problem often received by ton bag manufacturers is that they will not change color and will not fade after a long time. However, the appearance and quality of ton bags will be greatly affected by the color change. If we want to solve the problem, we must understand the reasons for the color change.

The production of ton bags
The reason of color fading of ton bag may be that the corona on the surface is not treated well; The temperature and relative humidity of printing workshop are too high; In addition, the difference between the dissolving hydrogen bond force of the ink system and the dissolving hydrogen bond force of the ton bag substrate is too large, which will also cause the printing of the ton bag is not firm, and cause the ink fading. Manufacturers in processing, to substrate surface to 38 dyne or so, try to control the relative humidity of the workshop, but not too low, less than 40%, prone to static electricity. T bag above is about t bag why will fade? What are the reasons for the color fading of ton bags? The high-quality products made by ton bag manufacturers can play an important role. More attention should be paid to make the use effect of ton bag better, avoid discoloration and other problems, and ensure the normal use of ton bag.