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Main functions of grass proof cloth

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2021/05/18 17:01
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We all know that plants need photosynthesis to grow. If the sun is blocked, can they inhibit the growth of plants. If they can inhibit the growth of plants, can they be used in the places where weeds cross? The answer is yes, so we only need to put the grass control cloth on the weed to effectively inhibit the growth of weeds, so that we can reduce the nutrient competition between weeds and plants, and increase the growth of plants.
In fact, there is a role of grass control cloth to protect the environment. Some people may wonder how can a grass control cloth which can inhibit the growth of weeds can protect the environment? So we think about it in turn, if there are many weeds growing, are we going to weed them out? If it is artificial or mechanical, there are certain restrictions. The simple method is to use herbicides. However, the residues of this kind of things will be kept in the soil for a long time, and will remain in plants for a long time. After rain, pesticide residues and rainwater will be mixed together, and evaporate together when the weather is good, and then run with the clouds all over the world, In another place, even the Antarctic where people rarely get involved has found pollution, which basically produces a very serious chain reaction, as we often call butterfly effect.

Grass proof cloth
So if we don't look at this kind of grass control cloth, it can play a very important role. With grass-resistant cloth, we can reduce the spray of pesticides and reduce the pollution to the environment. Moreover, the grass-resistant cloth can be placed in the courtyard of the home to reduce the growth of weeds.