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Sewing process of plastic woven bag

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2021/05/14 16:23
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Sewing process of plastic woven bag
The last article we talked about the waterproof characteristics of plastic woven bags, that is, different waterproof materials are added according to different purposes. If the bags do not need waterproof, they need not be added with waterproof materials. They are customized according to their own needs. Here, the article will talk about sewing technology.
Woven fabric is made into woven bags by printing, cutting, sewing, but the order is not necessarily the same. Some equipment is cut first and then printed, while some equipment is printed before cutting. If automatic cutting sewing can finish printing, cutting, sewing and other processes continuously, of course, it can also be made into bottom bags and so on.

plastic woven bag
The manufacturing process of plastic woven bags mainly includes the tolerance dimension of the shape, the pull force of the bottom direction and the edge direction, the clarity of printing ink and the cleanliness of other parts after printing, etc. among them, it also includes the distance of sewing line, suture needle removal, broken line and other requirements. The sequence and specification of these procedures seriously affect the quality of a bag.