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How is woven bag waterproof

Zhensheng News
2021/05/14 16:20
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Plastic woven bags can be said to have a wide range of uses, and Xiaobian often receives a lot of inquiries: is your woven bag waterproof? In fact, we can do both waterproof and non waterproof. Some bags do not need to be waterproof, so we do not need to use waterproof materials to make such bags. If we need to use urea, cat litter, food and other goods, we need to use waterproof materials to make woven bags, That's the plastic woven bag we often see.

Plastic woven bags
The main material is PP, which we all know. The basic information of this material has been introduced in our previous articles. To be waterproof, you need to add a film in the bag, so that you can basically achieve the effect of waterproof. Of course, there is another way, which is to achieve the effect of moisture-proof by adding PE inner bag, At this time, it is necessary to use different sewing processes when sewing. Some use the bottom sewing method, which is divided into single fold sewing and double fold sewing. The surface of the bag can be printed by ordinary printing and color printing. These two printing methods and sewing methods will be introduced in detail in the following article, In this way, we can also understand the difference between our products and other people's products in technology.