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What are the characteristics of fruit net bags

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2021/05/10 14:37
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The material of fruit net bag must be recyclable and will not pollute the environment for a long time

1、         Bright colors, and in terms of packaging to be more durable, to ensure that you can

It can be recycled.

2、         Elastic, and bearing capacity to be strong, not easy to deformation, customized according to the needs of different weight.

3、         The air permeability should be high to ensure that the fruits will not deteriorate after long-term storage and long-term transportation.

4、         In terms of materials, it is necessary to adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials.

This kind of bag has a certain elasticity, and has a certain flexibility in size, so there is a certain error in size

The difference is for sure. It's normal. Because the use of bags is not the same, the bags for fruits and vegetables are not the same, so we should communicate clearly what kind of bags to use when purchasing.

the net bags

The net bag can be made into a tube, which can be made into rolled cloth, or one end can be sealed with thread, and the other end can be opened. There is a rope at one end of the opening, and the net bag can be tied tightly with a slight pull. It can also be made into two ends which can be opened. There is a pulling rope at each end of the net bag. The mesh structure is the same as that of the screen window above the family window. The wire is cylindrical round wire, not flat wire, Both warp and weft are made of round silk