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How to keep the net bag without quality problems

Zhensheng News
2021/05/10 14:35
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Many manufacturers can't use the net bag in time or need to use it for a long time due to goods reasons, but many of them are prone to problems, but they don't know how to save it. The following editor will talk about how to save the net bag to keep its original state.

Flat woven mesh pouch, with both sides and bottom overlapping. Generally, the flat needle method or the chain method are used. Fold the initial edge 2 times, and the total width of expansion is greater than or equal to 1.3cm. Most of the two needle angles of the flat needle are parallel planes, and the inner edge and outer edge of the telescopic edge are 1 / 3 of the spacing. There is no needle off, thread floating and needle returning at the total telescopic width. The chain type surgical suture is located in the middle of the edge banding strip, with no detachable needle and floating thread.

Flat woven mesh pouch

Because the material of the net bag is not very thick wire, we must avoid long-term sun exposure, otherwise it is easy to break, when loading, we must ensure that it can not be filled too full, otherwise it is easy to crack the net bag.