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The weight of FIBC

Zhensheng News
2021/04/29 15:35
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There are several types of bulk bags that can be made for a variety of purposes. For example, bulk bags may need to carry 50 to 2000 kg. As a result, the greater the weight of the product
, the stronger the fabric grade to bear this weight, and any movement that the bulk bag may experience during transportation and lifting.
Our FIBC bags have been tested to ensure they can withstand 1000 times their weight or a safe working load. This high strength thermoplastic is mainly made of polypropylene
It's made of (a very strong material). It's strong and flexible. It's very suitable for transporting heavy loose materials. All bags have test and certificate numbers, as well as tests

FIBC bags have been tested to ensure
Date and manufacturing date as well as batch number, so you can rest assured that the bag is real and safe.
All of this information indicates that the bag has been tested to meet safety standards and provides complete manufacturing traceability for the production of bulk bags. And then the polypropylene
The wire is extruded in a tubular form and then woven into a strong fabric so that the material can be woven stronger.
If it is necessary to transport dangerous goods, inform the manufacturer in time when purchasing FIBC bulk bags, and the manufacturer will add corresponding manufacturing materials according to different transportation materials
It can ensure that there will be no problems when transporting dangerous goods.