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Precautions when purchasing FIBC bulk bags

Business News
2021/04/29 15:32
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Consider the type of items you want to package.
Do you need a way to remove things?
Will electrostatic discharge damage your product when filling or discharging the product?
What is the weight and volume of the product you need to transport?
What type of filling and unloading mechanism is required to transport the product?
How does the material behave when it flows?

Do bulk bags need to be handled many times?
How do you plan to lift your bag?
Does the bulk bag need internal coating lining to prevent leakage or moisture?
Is the product you are carrying easy to sieve at the edge of the bag, so you need to sieve the bag at the seam?
Is the product classified as dangerous goods or dangerous goods?
Is the product food?
Is the bag used one way or multi way( A safety factor of 6:1 means the bag is strong enough to be emptied and refilled many times.)
It is also important to look at the safe working load that the bag can carry (for example, 1000 kg).
We should pay attention to these precautions. After all, when transporting goods, we should ensure that there will be no problems with FIBC bulk bags, and this kind of bags can be recycled,
It's not a disposable bag. Considering the long-term use, we need to choose it carefully to ensure that there will be no problems with each item.