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So what is FIBC bulk bag?

Business News
2021/04/29 15:29
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We have a variety of container bags that can be customized, and customized according to the different needs of customers. There is the logo of the merchant on it, so that when the merchant uses the bag, he can use it
It can let the merchants who buy goods know what their factories are doing, and at the same time, they can promote their own brands.
So what is FIBC bulk bag?
FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) or bulk bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric, which is designed to transport or store free flowing goods and materials.

FIBC bulk bag
Many different free flowing materials require large bags. In order to properly accommodate such materials, bulk bags need to be carefully constructed according to their purpose and strength. they
It also needs to be practical when lifting and moving, and be able to withstand movement when filling without damaging the contents contained. Therefore, for materials to be transported,
It is very important to get the right type of bulk bags.
Every piece of wire is sewn with a certain process technology to ensure that every piece will not fall off the chain. This kind of bag is used to pack and transport large goods or goods
It's used for bulk heavy goods, so the sewing methods and skills are checked layer by layer.