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How to check whether the container bag is qualified

Zhensheng News
2021/04/28 17:04
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After the bag is manufactured, sampling inspection will be conducted, and it will be sent to the customer site after the inspection is qualified. This is also a responsibility for the customer. Here is the test method of the bag.
1. Tensile strength test
We put the bags to be tested on the clamps with a spacing of 220mm, then increase the distance of stretching continuously, and then detect the tensile strength according to the situation and make records and investigation.
2. Lifting load bearing force experiment
Put a certain amount of goods into the container bag. When testing, it should increase to nearly double the negative weight, and do different test experiments, repeatedly improve, and do more than one container bag. After completion, check whether there is any problem, if there is no problem, it means qualified, find out the problem and make adjustment, Check whether there is any problem with the goods in the container, and record the relevant data to check the location of the problem.

put the bags
3. Vertical drop test
Pull the full loaded container bag 0.8m away from the ground, let the bag fall naturally, observe whether there is any goods falling, and check whether the surface of the bag is damaged or not.
4. Pressure test
Put the container bag filled with goods on the press, constantly apply pressure and increase to four times the weight of the container itself. If there is no problem, it is qualified. If there is any fracture, it means that it fails, and the test and detection problem is conducted as mentioned above.
Only the bags that pass the qualification test can be sent to the customer's hands.