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The bag can save a lot of money

Business News
2021/04/28 17:02
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In the impression, the bag is a transport bag of various materials, but it is the package that gives us great convenience in our work. If the customer wants to need some small stones when transporting sand, if there is no bag, it needs to pass two vehicles, which undoubtedly increases the transportation cost by double, and the two materials cannot be confused, If they are put together, it is difficult to screen when they arrive at the site, otherwise separate vehicles will be needed.

container bag
If there is a container bag, then only sand is needed to be put in one bag, and small stones are loaded in another part of the bag, so that it can be transported to the customer's site on one vehicle, which can reduce enough transportation costs. As long as the transport vehicle can carry enough cargo, it can carry more goods. This kind of container bag can carry more things within the load-bearing range. It is completely possible to put the bags with stones under the bag, and put the sand bag on it, so that it can be transported to the site together, And when unloading goods, only use a crane to lift the container bag on the train or fork off the forklift.
This can save more transportation costs and reduce the number of operators. Your name will be printed on each container bag; Every contractor, architect and homeowner will see your business in a truly professional way. More importantly, they call you when they need more products.