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Snakeskin bags can also be so trendy, taking you into Paris fashion week

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2021/04/27 15:56
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Did you use a snake skin bag when you moved? Is it convenient to carry children or clothes? We can buy this kind of bag in shops and supermarkets, and the price is relatively cheaper. But what would you think if this kind of snake skin bag appeared in Paris fashion week? Have you ever suspected that you should use Lv to pack sundries? What's the feeling?

Snakeskin bags
Have you ever been shocked when a group of models walk on the catwalk with snakeskin bags on their backs? At that time, many small partners said: "I don't understand, it's the fashion circle." But the unexpected thing is comm des gar Ç Ons shirt comes out with this "snake skin woven bag". As comme des Gar Ç One of the branches of ons, comm des Gar Ç In addition to the main shirt item, ons shirt has a super famous item - "plastic bag" version of tote bag.
This kind of snake skin woven belt is not made of leather, but this kind of bag means "protecting the environment and loving life". It is made of recyclable and recyclable materials, which can be recycled even if it is not used. But then again, what do you think of this fashion. By the way, we are manufacturers of snakeskin woven bags. We can wholesale and customize them.