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The origin of snake skin bag

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2021/04/27 15:53
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Snake skin bag is not something that many people don't know. I'll change the word "woven bag" and "urea bag". In fact, snake skin bag is just this kind of bag. It's just another name. The main component of this kind of bag is PVC film, which is produced by stretching, cutting and producing cutting fiber and split film fiber, Then it was woven by equipment. In 1965, Europe began to industrialize the production of unidirectional flat yarn to produce woven bags for industrial packaging. This is the origin of woven bags.

Snakeskin bag
This kind of bag will produce bags of different quality according to different materials. You should also notice that the quality of cement bags is different from that of urea bags. The snake skin bags of urea are relatively more durable, and there will be moisture-proof plastic bags inside, so long-term storage will not make the things inside deteriorate.
What's more, I don't know if you have noticed the appearance of snakeskin bags in Paris fashion week. In the fall and winter of 2013, red, blue and white appeared as the design elements of clothing. In addition, Balenciaga Balenciaga launched snake skin bags and bags in 2016. Ah, these are all brand names. Let's think about whether the price can be cheaper. Hurry home and see if you have the same model.