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How to improve the bearing capacity of container bags

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2021/04/25 17:04
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We have talked about a lot of problems about container bags before, including how to transport and how to avoid problems in the process of transportation, so that container bags can be used for a long time
To avoid transportation problems, let's talk about storage. How can reasonable storage last longer.
1. Binding and fastening technology. The main method of binding and fastening is to make the general cargo and bulk cargo form a solid whole, and the bag can increase the integrity,
Easy to store and prevent damage caused by unstable stacking.

a lot of problems about container bags
2. Packing problem, pay attention to the method when loading, do not reduce the contact between the bag and the goods, try to avoid the friction between the goods and the packing bag.
3. When using the container bag, it should be stored in a cool room. The transportation should avoid sunlight and rain. It should not be close to the heat source. The storage period should not exceed 12 months. in fact,
After 12 months, the bag will become an old bag, so it should be used in time in the process of shortening the validity period. Generally, 10 months should be appropriate.
Although the manufacturer said that the quality of the packaging bag is very good, but if the storage and transportation are not proper, how will the damage of the packaging bag lead to the problem that it can not be used for a long time
It can only be used longer after it is stored.