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Why does the container bag deliver the goods immediately

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2021/04/25 17:03
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In the last article, we mentioned the large market of container bags and the precautions to be avoided in transportation. Let's talk about why the container bags can't be loaded for a long time
What about the storage in the Internet? In fact, this has a lot to do with its characteristics. Not only container bags, but also wooden boxes can't be stored for a long time
In principle, the goods should be transported immediately after loading, if not immediately. To avoid material damage, bags should be stored in the warehouse. The environment should be away from water, steam and humidity
Temperature and high temperature source. In addition to the above environmental conditions, if stored outdoors, the bag should be covered with cloth to avoid sunlight.

the large market of container bags
In fact, a lot of goods need to be delivered immediately after the customer places an order. For example, if the sand and gravel are sold and packed in bags, if they are stored for a long time, in case they are stored
When it rains, it will return to damp, which will increase the weight of the goods and the cost of transportation, whether it's Toll or fare,
The cost of oil and everything will increase. If you leave it outdoors for a long time, in good sunlight and long-time exposure, the packaging bag will receive the influence of ultraviolet rays, and the load-bearing capacity will be increased
When the strength and endurance are not as good as the new ones, they may be damaged during transportation.
Container bags have both advantages and disadvantages, but as long as some transportation and storage problems are avoided, it is basically no problem to use them for a long time.