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These problems should be avoided in the transportation of container bags

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2021/04/25 17:01
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Now a lot of goods can not be transported without the large-scale container bags. This kind of bags not only has strong load-bearing capacity, but also has very good durability. The cost of container bags is very low
On the contrary, compared with other packaging, it needs to save a lot of costs. It has the same function and durability, and it is more cost-effective in terms of price. This is the advantage of container bags, and it is not like wooden bags
The container can only be used once and can not be used repeatedly. Moreover, this kind of container bag material is basically made of environmentally friendly and renewable materials, and it is often seen in the market
Container bags or used packaging for sale.

container bags
However, this kind of container bag has a lot to pay attention to in the process of transportation, otherwise it will be damaged by carelessness. The hanging ring of the container bag is hung on the lifting device
It can be adjusted according to the type and weight of bag, forklift and crane. If the forklift is used to carry the bag, the spade plate should be adjusted to the appropriate position, and the bag should be close to the forklift, and not be damaged
Tilt forward. In order to ensure the balance of the center of gravity of the bag in the lifting process, pay attention not to hang a single ring. Then, the lifting device starts to lift the bag slowly, when it reaches the top
At a certain height, slowly place it in the specified position. If it is not necessary to load and transport immediately, it should be stacked neatly in the workplace, during the lifting and stacking process
Do not squeeze, tilt or collide with each other.