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How to realize the sewing process of container bags

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2021/04/23 13:40
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The application of container bags is very wide, which can be used in the transportation and packaging of products in all walks of life, and even in disaster relief. Because the application fields of container bags are different, the process of bags is different, and the production process is also different.
The production materials are containerized cloth, sling, girdle, leak proof strip and (if used) binding rope. In fact, the production process of container bags is a very simple thing, but it is not very easy to do such a simple thing well. We need to sew these materials together one by one, and ensure that there will be no problems between the materials.

It adopts up and down compound feeding and cross lifting mechanism of presser foot to ensure no displacement of upper and lower layers when sewing slippery, sticky sewing materials and extra long products under any length of needle pitch within the rated range, so as to make the products neat and beautiful; Connecting rod thread take-up mechanism can improve the spindle speed; The high-quality steel high-precision processing technology effectively reduces the noise and prolongs the service life.
Although it seems that the parameters of each equipment are very different, it is often because the very small parameters of each equipment can affect the overall quality of the bag, and the equipment needs regular maintenance to be able to use for a longer time, This requires technical workers to maintain the equipment regularly to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment without problems.